Somerset Bat Group Photos
A collection of photos taken by group member Paul Kennedy at various Somerset Bat Group events and surveys, including some excellent close-ups of many of the species found in the county.

Bat Conservation Trust
Bats are amazing animals, and an important part of our natural environment. There are 17 species of bat in the UK, all of which are protected by law because their numbers have decreased so dramatically. The Bat Conservation Trust (BCT) is working towards a world where bats and people live in harmony, to ensure they are around for future generations to enjoy.

Somerset Wildlife Trust
The county's leading environmental charity delivering a targeted approach to landscape scale conservation and sustainable land management that will help wildlife and people adapt to climate change.

Somerset Environmental Records Centre
The centre of reference for all information relating to wildlife and biodiversity in Somerset. It maintains an up-to-date record of sites, habitats and species found in the county and makes the data available for decision making, conservation, research, monitoring and education.